4.34 feature video – Assign Lot Number When End Item Entered

The end item lot numbers can now be automatically assigned when a lot tracked end item is added to a batch. The setting can be enabled either for a facility or batch type. The setting applies to end items added to a batch via the Batch Entry window, or when an end item is added to a batch by converting planned orders to batches.

Previously, lot numbers were automatically assigned only when an end item quantity to complete was entered.

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Release 4.34 – quarterly update highlights

Release 4.34 is out now! Check out what we’ve been developing these last few months.

These new enhancements are part of our product development roadmap with direction coming from our stellar dev team, trends in the industry and from our customers directly.

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Release 4.33 – quarterly update highlights

Release 4.33 is out now!

These new enhancements are part of our product development roadmap with direction coming from our stellar dev team, trends in the industry and from our customers directly. We love getting to know our clients and understanding how they use the product to run and grow their businesses. Helpful feedback and conversations provide guidance for our product releases and updates.

We are very proud to say that this is a mindset we’ve had from the very beginning.

Since we add new features each quarter, here’s how we stayed busy in Q4 2020.

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Top 10 Vicinity product features from 2020

As we are all settling in for the home stretch to January 2021 (bye, bye 2020), our development team has been heads down adding the latest features and functionality available to our Vicinity customers.

As a formula manufacturing software system that accommodates the complexities of batch processing, Vicinity’s scalability makes it a top choice among chemical manufacturers, food producers and brewers. It Integrates easily with key platforms—including QuickBooks or Microsoft Dynamics—to deliver a comprehensive software solution that grows with your business.

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4.32 feature video – Batch Quality Inquiry

Batch Quality Inquiry is a new Quality feature that displays all quality samples and QC tests for a batch, for lot tracked components produced by a batch, and for lot tracked components consumed by a batch. It performs a multi-level inquiry and displays quality sample information for all batches that produce lot tracked ingredients that are consumed by the parent batch.

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4.32 feature video – Import Forecast

Import Forecast is a new feature that populates the Vicinity Forecast table directly from an Excel spreadsheet. It can also create an empty Excel “template” file that is ready to be populated either manually or with your forecasting tool and then imported into Vicinity.

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4.32 feature video – Create Batch from a Trial

The Project Entry window has been enhanced to support creating a batch directly from a trial. Since a trial no longer needs to be saved to a formula before it can be manufactured, the process of creating test or possibly customer specific sample batches is greatly simplified.

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4.32 feature video – Product Structure Copy

Product Structure Copy is a new Product Development feature. It is used to create a new product based on the multi-level structure of an existing product and change the new product structure before the new product is created. It greatly reduces the number of steps required to create a new multi-level product based on an existing product structure.

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4.31 feature video – Quality Sample Entry Process Cell

Check out this video for more information about quality samples that may now be taken against a process cell.

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4.31 feature video – Crystal Reports Server Processing (PDF)

Check out this video about how reports can now be generated on your web/file server and delivered as PDF’s to be displayed in your browser or other application assigned to manage the .pdf file extension.

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