Top 10 most viewed release videos of 2021



Welcome to 2022! 

Let’s take a look back at our most viewed release videos from 2021!

We publish how-to videos for many of our new release features each quarter. These videos make it easy to understand what’s new with each release and how your business can utilize the new functionality.


Top 10 most viewed release videos of 2021

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10. Release 4.36 Data Warehousing for Business Central Cloud Integrations

Vicinity now supports warehousing of data from Business Central Cloud so that it can be consumed by VicinityView queries, reports, and MRP. The warehouse can be updated from a stand-alone process that can be scheduled on the company server, or on demand when live data is required.

Watch this how-to video here.


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9. Release 4.33 VicinityView Search Groups

VicinityView has been enhanced to support the grouping of search clauses so order of comparison operations can be explicitly defined. Prior to 4.33, and/or comparisons were evaluated from left to right.

Learn more here.

8.  Release 4.35 TTB Row Definition

The TTB tool has been expanded to include new functionality: -Activated additional data rows -Added ability to define the row titles -Every cell can be structured to provide the detailed data behind the numbers.

Even if you are not a brewer, this is good information to have as the functionality could apply to other industries in the future.

Learn more here.


7. Release 4.34 Assign Lot Number When End Item Entered

The end item lot numbers can now be automatically assigned when a lot tracked end item is added to a batch. The setting can be enabled either for a facility or batch type. The setting applies to end items added to a batch via the Batch Entry window, or when an end item is added to a batch by converting planned orders to batches.

Previously, lot numbers were automatically assigned only when an end item quantity to complete was entered.

Learn more here.

6. Release 4.34 Lot Number Generation Batch Type

Automatically assigned lot numbers can now be defined by batch type in addition to facility. This allows you to have unique lot number definitions for each batch type at a facility.

Learn more here.


5. Release 4.35 Start Date Offset

With this video, we’ve combined two features that made sense to review together.

Specify Ingredient Start Date:

1. Click Product Development then Formula Entry.

2. Look up a formula.

3. Select the procedure line on which to attach the parameter.

4. Add the parameter to a formula ingredient, operation, or unit procedure.

Note: start date offsets can be assigned at the ingredient, operation, or procedure level. If assigned to an operation or procedure, MRP will associate the offset with all contained ingredients. If multiple offsets are found, the greatest offset will be applied.

Ingredient Specific Requirement Date: The requirement date for one or more batch ingredients can now be specified as an offset based on the batch start date. Prior to this enhancement, all ingredients were assumed to be required on the start date. In some industries, breweries as an example, batches may run for multiple days and all ingredients may be required at different intervals.

Parameters assigned to formula ingredients, operations, or unit procedures are used to specify the number of days to add to a batch or planned order start date when determining an ingredient requirement date.

Watch this video here.

4. Release 4.33 Planning Workbench Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to the Planning Workbench:

Single Formula Inquiry:

Single formula inquiry has been added to simplify querying planning information for an individual formula.

User-Defined Batch Types:

The Planning Workbench has been enhanced to support querying planning information based on formula batch type. Previously, the Batch type restriction only supported Mix and Fill values.

Learn more here.


3. Release 4.35 Planning Captions – MRP Scheduling Labels

Users may now configure the captions used by Vicinity when displaying planned orders and batches on the Production Schedule and Product Calendar, and for messages displayed by the Vertical MRP such as the Planning Workbench Transactional MRP and the Planning Transaction report.

Learn more here.

2. 4.34 Separate Component and Formula Attributes

Attributes can now be configured as assignable to components, formulas, or both. To support this feature, two visibility settings have been added to the Attributes Setup window: Hide for components, and Hide for formulas. When an attribute is hidden, the hidden attribute and any child attributes will not be available for selection on the applicable window.

Learn more here.


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1. 4.33 Quality Sample Entry Updates Component Lot Attribute

Quality Sample Entry Updates Component Lot Attributes

Quality Sample Entry for Batch type samples has been enhanced to update lot attributes for lots produced by a batch based on quality test results. Previously, lot attributes were only updated for Component Lot samples.

Watch this video here.


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