Most viewed release videos of 2022




That’s a wrap for 2022!

Let’s take a look back at our most-viewed release videos throughout the year!

We publish how-to videos for many of our new release features each quarter.

The how-to video reviews the new feature and shows you how your business can use the enhanced functionality. We do this for every release and nearly every feature.


Top 5 most viewed release video tutorials of 2022

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5. Release 4.38 Mass Component Maintenance

The Mass Component Maintenance window has been enhanced to allow the ability to select and delete multiple formulas from the range utilizing the “Remove checkbox” column to select the records to be removed. Additionally, column filters have been added to assist in identifying records to be removed. Previously, formulas had to be selected and removed from the grid on an individual basis.

Learn more here.

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4. Release 4.37 Mass Batch Maintenance

Mass Production Maintenance is a new Production Control feature. It is used to release, delete and ops-close batches in bulk.

Learn more here.

3. Release 4.39 Planned Order Notes & Hover

The tooltip that is displayed when a user hovers the mouse over a calendar batch or planned order has been expanded to display additional information in the Production Calendar and Production Schedule. Specifically, the tooltip now includes the Batch/Planned Order Number, Start Date, Finish Date, Formula, Component Description, Quantity Ordered, UOM, Planned Order Notes, and Batch End Item Notes.

Watch this how-to video here.


2. Release 4.38 Bulk Edit Batches & Planned Orders

This feature was prompted by customer feedback and gives the user the ability to perform bulk edits.

Learn more here.


1. Release 4.38 Minimum Order Quantity in MRP

MRP now supports using the minimum order of purchased items on Planned Orders.

Watch the video here.


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