Batch Processing Software for Manufacturers

Complex Formulas. Simple Solutions.

Vicinity Software is a scalable technology partner serving formula-based manufacturers in the chemical, food, and brewing markets.

Are You a Formula Manufacturer?

  • You talk in terms of a formula or recipe, rather than a Bill of Material.
  • The raw materials in your batch are measured by weight or volume.
  • You typically alter the formula during production to receive a desired result.
  • You speak in terms of a batch ticket rather than a work order.
  • The quality and quantity of raw materials you process may be unpredictable.
  • You blend or compound bulk product, then package it into one or more package sizes.
  • The loss factor of your raw materials may vary significantly.

A strategic partner for growth

A formula manufacturing software system that accommodates the complexities of batch processing. 

Vicinity Software's scalability makes it a top choice among chemical manufacturers, food producers, and brewers. It Integrates easily with key platforms—including QuickBooks or Microsoft Dynamics—to deliver a comprehensive software solution that grows with your business.

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"Vicinity displays a thorough understanding of formulaic weights and measures. With Vicinity, we are confident that our manufacturing needs are met, including variance and yield calculations, while not having to keep everything broken down into the smallest common denominator. Overall, it enhances our ability to procure, inventory and sell in case size and value with Dynamics."

Duke Food Productions

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