Release 4.36 – quarterly update highlights



Vicinity now supports warehousing of data from Business Central Cloud so that it can be consumed by VicinityView queries, reports, and MRP. The warehouse can be updated from a stand-alone process that can be scheduled on the company server, or on demand when live data is required.


End item plan start and end dates can now be viewed and edited from the Create Batch Preview window that is displayed from the Create Batches, Production Schedule, and Production Calendar windows.

Previously, only the batch header start and end dates were displayed.


The numeric portion of a batch number with leading zeroes optionally trimmed can now be assigned as a lot number segment. The assignment can be made either for a facility or for a batch type facility.



• Drillbacks from Batch Entry formula procedures and BOM sections enhanced
• Vicinity training videos easily accessible
• Production Control instructions added to open or close within Batch Procedures


This functional change has been added to Batch Entry. When unchecked, quantities entered are not adjusted by the sizing attribute, allowing actual quantities to be entered against lots with sizing attributes.





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