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Engineered Custom Coatings – Growing with a Growing Company

With the fully implemented chemical ERP system, Engineered Custom Coatings (ECC) has been able to streamline everyone’s efforts and eliminate the old processes that were being done by hand.

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Intelligent Blends – Taking Technology to the Next Level

Thanks to our friends at Intelligent Blends for taking the time to chat with us. Check out their story below and how they use VicinityFood manufacturing software to streamline their operations and drive growth.

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Vicinity Software celebrates 20 years!

Vicinity Software celebrates 20th anniversary. Twenty years ago, three friends came together to establish a formula manufacturing software system that accommodates the complexities of batch processing.

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Process Manufacturing Partner Celebrates 20 Years of Growth in the Chemical, Food and Brew Industries 

Powered by a team of developers, implementation experts and business consultants—all US-based, Vicinity is known for introducing the first software product for formula-based manufacturing in the Microsoft Dynamics® reseller space. Vicinity Software celebrates its 20th anniversary.

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FOCUS 2020 Developer Roundtable Wrap-up

Hearing firsthand how a customer uses our solution and receiving that feedback helps us improve our products and services. Information heard at previous FOCUS events has been instrumental in the planning and creation of new features and functionality. We routinely add items discussed in the Developer Roundtable session…it’s feedback we very much value.

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Release 4.32 – quarterly update highlights

As we are all settling in for the home stretch to January 2021 (bye, bye 2020), our development team has been heads down adding the latest features and functionality available to our Vicinity customers.

As a formula manufacturing software system that accommodates the complexities of batch processing, Vicinity’s scalability makes it a top choice among chemical manufacturers, food producers and brewers. It Integrates easily with key platforms—including QuickBooks or Microsoft Dynamics—to deliver a comprehensive software solution that grows with your business.

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Rounding up the best-of-the-best in Dynamics GP…Virtually!

Missing people and events? So are we so we’re banning together as a group of ISVs to put on the Dynamics GP ISV Virtual Round-Up – a virtual event hosted by a group of well-known Dynamics GP ISVs. This two-day event will feature nine hours of information, education and product feature updates and will take place Tuesday, May 19th and Thursday, May 21st.

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Working from home…

These days everyone is working from home to help decrease the spread of COVID-19. Vicinity Software has always worked remotely and had technology allowing all employees to work from home successfully.

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Mediaplanet’s Food Safety campaign highlights technology and developments in food safety

We’re proud to be part of Mediaplanet’s Food Safety campaign, out today! Learn about the innovations in food safety technology and supply chain management, and how organizations and suppliers are fighting to ensure food safety around the globe. Find the campaign in USA TODAY or read it online.

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What you need to know about ERP software for chemical manufacturing

Chemical manufacturers have specific needs and relying on a software made with formula-based manufacturing companies in mind maximizes efficiencies, ultimately saving time and money.

VicinityChem is a comprehensive ERP software system designed for chemical manufacturers.

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