Crowley Chemical Company – Case Story



The Situation 

Founded in 1920, Crowley Chemical manufactures and sells specialty aromatic oil blends that are used primarily as polyurethane extenders to reduce customers’ cost while maintaining the desired performance properties of their products. Crowley also has a long history of selling coal tar-derived products for use in a vast array of end markets, including roofing applications, oil field products, and refractories. What makes Crowley truly unique is their ability to supply customers with organic chemicals derived from both petroleum and coal tar, delivered from its multiple locations across the US.  

Crowley Chemical has been a customer of VicinityChem since 2019. Prior to implementing VicinityChem software into their ERP system, Crowley had been operating with complicated Excel spreadsheets, with no integration from start to finish. 

Brett Moyer, Crowley Chemical’s Operations and Technology Director, shared the benefits of integrating VicinityChem into Business Central (BC) to improve operations. 

The Solution 

By integrating VicinityChem software into the BC system, Crowley has been able to streamline the many complicated spreadsheets into real-time data that everyone now has access to review. This allows Crowley to quickly and easily: 

  • Track raw materials and formulas 
  • Capture and record quality information  
  • Mine data to generate several types of reports, including certificates of analysis  
  • Eliminate manual labor duplication errors and inefficiencies 
  • Control costs 

“Before the integration of VicinityChem, we had to do tallies from scratch using several complicated spreadsheets that were almost gibberish unless you really understood them. Going from where we were then to where we are now has been a huge step change from an operations standpoint.” 

The Success 

With VicinityChem software, Crowley Chemical has been able to simplify operations across its multiple locations, particularly around quality control. It now has the ability to track inventory production and directly tie that to its quality processing. It can quickly generate certificates of analysis for customers and support complicated production.  

The software helps Crowley scan and save vendor certificates of analysis against its raw material lots so that all users with access can review the data as needed. Additionally, it will notify users when quality results for a received raw material do not comply with the material specifications, cutting down on waste and inefficiencies. When asked about his favorite feature, Moyer named VicinityView. It allows the team to easily look at components, formulations and entered batches. 

“Working with VicinityChem really has been such a positive experience. Their hands-on customer service team helped with the ease of integration into the BC environment and is always providing software updates and helpful training, tips and tricks. When the Crowley team has questions or issues, I know who to go to for immediate response.”  

If you are interested in learning more about VicinityChem and how it can help your chemical manufacturing processes, connect with our team today.

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