Introducing Our New Vicinity Branding

The Vicinity team is excited to announce the launch of our new logo, color scheme, and additionally all-new vertical branding!

Click here to read our official branding release. 

The New Look

Our software is unique just like each one of our clients. Vicinity aims to help formula manufacturing businesses operate with ease, produce superior products, and drive smart growth with a software system that accommodates the complexities of formula-based manufacturing. With our new branding, we wanted to convey the uniqueness of formula manufacturing within the food, chemical and brewing space and our dedication to delivering a comprehensive software solution that grows with your business.

vicinity branding

Our Direction

The mark of Vicinity represents collaboration with manufacturers coming together to help engineer and foster growth. The diagonal lines come together forming the shape of a “V” which also acts as a funnel symbolizing the Vicinity process of assisting clients to reach their goals. We wanted our new branding to convey everything Vicinity stands for. It had to be fundamentally apparent that our software solution caters to formula manufacturers in the chemical, food and brewing space, that our platform is flexible and sophisticated, that we are dependable, and above all else, we are client oriented.

vicinity branding

We hope you like this new look for Vicinity! Stay tuned for more updates—like a brand-new website and vertical sites for VicinityChem, VicinityFood, and VicinityBrew. We continue to try to better serve our users in formula manufacturing with a scalable, software system that accommodates the complexities of formula manufacturers.