Vicinity’s Process Manufacturing Software Clients – Categorized & Defined

Vicinity is Process Manufacturing Software

Who are process manufacturers?

Process manufacturing companies use a recipe or formula to produce their product. Often, production is made in batches and these batch sizes can vary. Loss is experienced during the production process, unlike discrete manufacturing. Typically loss can occur for a variety of reasons and vary in quantity. Therefore, it is essential that an ERP software system can account for that loss on a batch. Review batch yields regularly as a part of good business processes.

Scheduling is different for a process manufacturer than that of a discrete manufacturer.  Demand is driven from the packaged end-item similarly to discrete manufacturing.  In contrast, in process manufacturing production is aggregated for common formulas.  Typically, it is more efficient to blend a larger tank to fill multiple finished goods than a single batch for a specific package size. Consequentially, the schedule needs to address various units of measure.

Quality is different.  A finished good certificate of analysis includes test results in a preliminary stage, like mixing, in addition to tests a couple production stages later. Companies up and down the supply chain request this information.

Cost is different too.  Common formula costs including materials, labor and overhead are split across all finished goods produced from that batch and specific packaging cost is applied to the individual finished good.

Process manufacturing spans a variety of industries.

To help clarify if Vicinity is the right ERP solution for you, let’s break down the primary industries we serve and the types of clients within each sector.

We categorize our clients into one of two categories: food and beverage manufacturing or chemical manufacturing.

Food Manufacturers Chemical Manufacturers
Bakery / Confection / Snack Foods Cleaners & Detergents
Beverages Cosmetics & Fragrances
Dairy & Fresh Foods Paint, Coatings & Adhesives
Flavorings / Seasonings / Sauces Personal Care Products (Hair / Skin / Oral)
Frozen / Prepared Foods Pharmaceutical / Nutraceutical
Meat & Seafood Specialty Chemical


What is process manufacturing software?

While all our clients use formulas, there are still significant differences between the industries we serve. Therefore, I have broken down each category into the lists below.

Often the FDA or USDA guidelines regulate food manufacturers.  Consequentially, they are dealing with new standards for the Nutrition Facts Label. Likewise, they may produce Certificates of Analysis to communicate test results. Or they may require Certificates of Origin.  Finally, food companies track lots and are subject to regulatory requirements to demonstrate and employ reasonable recall processes on a moment’s notice.

In contrast, chemical manufacturers must comply with GHS/SDS regulations outlining the chemical composition and makeup of the solutions they produce. Additionally, they have usage reporting requirements like SARA 312/313 and environmental impact disclosures.  Finally, like our food clients, they too must track lots through the facility and often generate Certificates of Analysis.

Above all Vicinity is here to help and is specifically designed for process manufacturing. Vicinity has the capabilities to manage related data. Additionally, Vicinity can generate reports to meet all regulatory compliance requirements. Finally, Vicinity addresses the unique quality challenges from inbound raw materials, through processing tests and observations, to finished product quality.

While Vicinity addresses a multitude of industries, there is a centralized goal.  We provide process manufacturing software to the Microsoft Dynamics and QuickBooks channels.  Therefore, if you use a recipe or a formula in your manufacturing process, you should take a look at our offering.

Finally, to learn more about how a dedicated process manufacturing software system can solve key problems and help increase profits for your organization, contact Vicinity for a free demo of our software.