Working from home…

What does it look like these days with the entire Vicinity Software team working from home?

Vicinity team working from home.
Our “Before” picture.

We hope everyone is hanging in there these days as we settle into our new normal.

Working from home is now everyone’s reality and it can be very difficult for those who have never had to navigate this remote world.

This picture shows our team as we work from home. This was a few weeks ago at the beginning of the mandate to work remotely. Look how pretty!!

Should we take an “After” picture when it’s been months of Zoom meetings, sheltering in place and social distancing? Hmmm, that might not be good for anyone 🙂

Worried that we might look like this:

Our “After” picture.


Here’s a quick update on operations here

at Vicinity Software.

Fortunately for us and our customers, Vicinity invested in technology enabling a remote workforce many years ago. Vicinity employs a mostly remote team working from their home offices throughout the United States. We have been operating this way every day and we anticipate no disruption of service during the COVID-19 crisis. Our team is used to working from home and able to work efficiently.

Those team members in the Atlanta office are also equipped with the ability to work from home just as well as they do from our office headquarters. As things stand now, all Atlanta employees are working remotely with regard to the recent orders from the state of Georgia and the governor.
We are committed to providing you the support your organization needs and we plan to uphold the same level of commitment you’ve come to expect from us.
Hang in there and we thank you for your partnership with Vicinity Software.

Vicinity Software is a scalable technology partner who makes software for batch formula-based manufacturers in the chemical, food and brewing markets.

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