Vicinity Software’s Top 5 favorite features from 2023

A few of our favorite features added in 2023

favorite features added in 2023

In 2023, we added 17 new features (this includes new and changed features) that impact the user interface. Our quarterly releases are published right after the close of the quarter. Our 4.45 release is from Q4 2023 and we will publish it in January 2024. This list of fav features is made up of Releases 4.42 – 4.45 of 2023.

Some of these new features or changes came directly from our customers while others were born out of team brainstorm sessions and the minds of our developers.

Either way, we hope you enjoy using these features…so much more to come in 2024.

What makes them favorites? We’ve heard from our customers often about the features below. But also, one or 2 are team favorites that we are excited to showcase.

Here are the top 5 new or changed features added in 2023 available to VicinityChem, VicinityFood and VicinityBrew clients.

All of these feature videos are available on our YouTube channel with new release videos published each quarter here.

 Here’s our Top 5 favorite features added in 2023:

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1. Release 4.42 Business Central Available to Promise

The BC Cloud integration has been enhanced with an embedded Available to Promise screen. This screen looks at receipts and demand from Vicinity in the form of scheduled production and firm planned orders used to provide availability forecasts.

Watch our How to video here. 


2. Release 4.42 Formula Entry Cost Rollup

Formula Entry has been enhanced with the ability to perform a cost rollup at the formula level. Additionally, the new functionality offers the option to perform a cost rollup for any intermediates. As a result, two new settings have been introduced.

Watch the video here.


3. Release 4.44 Copy a Batch

Batch Entry has been enhanced with the ability to create a copy or multiple copies of an existing batch. The batch copies will contain the exact Procedures, End Items, BOM, Additional Cost and QC Tests associated with the original batch. No transactional data will be copied. Additionally, both the ability to auto-assign or manually assign batch numbers are supported.

Learn more here.


4. Release 4.45 Batch Entry Transaction Section Enhancement

The Transactions section of Batch Entry has been enhanced with a searchable view option that displays a
flattened transaction hierarchy allowing the user to filter records based on specific criteria (e.g. Component ID, Date, Lot Number, etc.). This flattened view of the data allows the user to see the bin and lot details without having to expand the transaction record.

By using the filters users can more easily identify specific singular transactions in batches with many

Learn all about it here.

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5. Release 4.42 Scheduled MRP on Server

Historically, it has been possible to schedule the MRP regeneration to run on a daily/weekday basis. This method required keeping a client open/running to allow the scheduled regeneration to run and only allowed scheduling for a single time. It is now possible to set the MRP Regeneration to run on a schedule (multiple times a day, if desired) from the server, without requiring the Vicinity client to be open, in conjunction with Windows Task Scheduler.

Check out this video for more information.


For more information about any of these features or to schedule a demo, contact us today! 

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