Release 4.42 – Vicinity Software Q1 2023 Feature Release

4.42 Release Highlights  

BC Available to Promise Screen

Scheduled MRP on Server

Formula Entry Cost Rollup

Visual Representation in Batch Entry for Inventory Shortage

Version Check and Lockout on Startup 

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BC Available to Promise Screen The BC Cloud integration has been enhanced with an embedded Available to Promise screen. This screen looks at receipts and demand from Vicinity in the form of scheduled production and firm planned orders using to provide availability forecasts.  
Learn more here.  

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Scheduled MRP on Server It is now possible to set the MRP Regeneration to run on a schedule (multiple times a day, if desired) from the server, without requiring the Vicinity client to be open, in conjunction with Windows Task Scheduler. 
Watch this video here.   

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Formula Entry Cost Rollup Formula Entry has been enhanced with the ability to perform a cost rollup at the formula level. Additionally, the new functionality offers the option to perform a cost rollup for any intermediates.

As a result, two new settings have been introduced:

  • Intermediate cost rollup from Formula Entry | Account for formula yield
  • Ingredient Costs | Use rolled-up intermediate costs 

Watch the video tutorial here.   

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Version Check and Lockout on Startup Vicinity now verifies that the client version matches the server version on startup.  Learn more here.

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Visual Representation in Batch Entry for Inventory Shortage Batch Entry has been enhanced with a new icon (⚠️) to provide a visual representation when there is insufficient inventory for a Procedure or BOM line. 
This validation is only performed against bin and/or lot tracked items and is based on the Site/Bin selection on each individual line. The indicator will update as appropriate based on changes to the Site and/or Bin selection and quantity requirement.



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