Mediaplanet’s Food Safety campaign highlights technology and developments in food safety

We’re proud to be part of MediaplanetUSA’s Food Safety campaign!

We highlight the importance of food safety, since over 450,000 people die each year due to foodborne illnesses. Industry leaders are striving to ensure that everyone along the supply chain has access to the most cutting-edge technology and innovations in food safety. This campaign keeps readers informed about recent developments in the food industry and the organizations protecting the safety of our food.

The campaign was distributed through USA TODAY and is published online and can be found here: Read all about it!

And check out the expert panel on food supply chain management discussing how new technology is helping food suppliers overcome challenges and ensure product safety. 

Vicinity’s own Randy Smith was highlighted. See below or click this link.

Randy Smith CEO & Founder

What’s the biggest challenge the food industry faces today?

Lot traceability. It’s not just a legal requirement but also a powerful selling tool for food manufacturers. Those manufacturers that can successfully (and quickly) demonstrate how they can electronically identify the source of quality issues and any affected products have a huge advantage over those tracking the same data manually.

How does technology innovate the supply chain?

Everything from inventory management, centralized food safety control software, QC test consistency and reporting, and traceability and lot recall use technology to make operations better. As an example, data from these operations helps predict issues or diagnose occurring issues faster, limiting consumer exposure to harmful products.

What’s on the horizon for food safety tech?

Sharing the origination information up and down the food chain. Ingredient sources and handling processes are collected and suppliers can share this data with those using the ingredients in next step processes. QR codes, supplier portals, or other tracking mechanisms share this information.

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