FOCUS 2023 – Vicinity Software User Event Is Back!

FOCUS is the leading formula manufacturing users conference, presented by Vicinity Software.

Focus brings together Vicinity software users, Microsoft Partners, Vicinity team members and process manufacturing industry experts together to discuss ways to improve and most effectively utilize Vicinity software.

Who’s ready for FOCUS 2023?!

After 3 years, we are back IN-PERSON in Atlanta.

FOCUS will be held October 25 – 26, 2023 in Atlanta, GA. 

FOCUS, Vicinity Sofware

FOCUS helps companies improve operational efficiency, increase employee productivity and helps maximize clients’ current ERP systems by providing valuable training and industry advice.

This is a hands-on learning event offering educational opportunities for all attendees, whether new Vicinity users or long-time customers.

Boot Camp Training

Boot Camp is a one-day skill-strengthening program consisting of a series of training sessions and hands-on exercises. This intense (and fun) series is designed to quickly and dramatically improve user proficiency of Vicinity Software for the individuals and teams that attend. Vicinity offers two tracks: Foundations and Advanced, to provide introductory training for new users participating as well as content to help seasoned Vicinity users explore new projects and expanded functionality.


FOCUS showcases many interactive sessions including new feature and functionality highlights, Vicinity Tips & Tricks as well as our development round table session with attendees and Vicinity Software architects. Live feature walk-throughs help attendees get a hands-on understanding of new functionality, as well as complementary products other Vicinity users may be using. These sessions help everyone to understand some of the roadblocks experienced and how the software can better serve our clients.

Vicinity Software gantt chart on laptop

Development Round Table

The development round table is where attendees and Vicinity developers take the time to talk about new feature sets, functionality requests and idea sharing for future development.

It is also an opportunity for our customers to share a particular feature idea or explain an existing manual process or gap that Vicinity software could potentially address. This discussion is put at the forefront of future development roadmap meetings and incorporating into our annual development schedule. Many new feature suggestions and enhancements come from this FOCUS session and end up in future releases.

Join us in October for FOCUS 2023. If you are interested in learning more about FOCUS, please check out our FOCUS event page today! 

If you’ve been before and can’t wait to attend again, click here to purchase tickets. Registration opens June 26, 2023.