Why Dynamics GP Has the Right Ingredients for Process Manufacturers

Like paint, chemicals, or any other formula-based product, there’s a recipe you can follow for success in process manufacturing. The main ingredient is the quality of the manufacturing process – which is why many manufacturers choose Vicinity Software – but there are plenty of other ingredients in the formula for a successful manufacturing business and Dynamics GP is your one-stop shop for many of them.Dynamics GP

Core Financial Management

Vicinity Software offers a suite of features for reporting on margins and controlling production costs but what about the day-to-day financial management? Dynamics GP offers robust financial management that allows you to track multiple budgets for multiple fiscal years in multiple currencies and General Ledger Accounts.

It also offers a fixed asset module that many manufacturers use to improve financial control and put company assets such as buildings, machinery, and equipment to the best possible use with tools for tracking, analyzing, and manipulating fixed assets.

There are a host of other features – including customer/vendor consolidations, multicurrency management, and intercompany transactions – that allow process manufacturers to effectively manage the workaday financials and focus on innovation.

Human Resources and Payroll

Automation is obviously changing manufacturing, but it’s still a people-driven business. With that in mind, Dynamics GP has a full human resources and payroll module that includes employee self-service (ESS) tools. The ESS tools allow your employees to access and manage their own employee profile, direct deposit information and paystubs (among other information).

Dynamics GP also allows you to manage payroll within your financial system. There are tremendous benefits to keeping all your financial data in a single, secure system. GP provides a complete, top notch payroll solution within the same system that your people will already know and use.

Workflows, Approvals, and Automation

Above, I mentioned automation. When manufacturers talk about automation, it typically relates to the manufacturing process. However, Dynamics GP allows you to extend the concept into the routine business processes that exist in every organization.

To take advantage of the ESS functionality mentioned above, workflow needs to be enabled (to allow HR to review and approve changes submitted by employees). It can also be used for team members to submit requisitions, purchase orders and other documents to management for approval.

When taken together, the financial management, HR, payroll and interconnecting workflow functionality of Dynamics GP contribute to an ERP’s recipe for success. Adding an industry-specific solution like Vicinity Manufacturing to the mix will make the final solution that much sweeter.

Guest Blog Author:
Cody Pierson
Prophet Business Group

Prophet Business Group

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