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software implementation

3 Most Overlooked Software Implementation Goals

For a successful software implementation, we have listed the top three goals we suggest you set, that are commonly overlooked in most businesses. Now that you’ve decided to pull the trigger on a software solution, you probably want to know how to set yourself up for a successful software implementation. Many times, the successes or challenges…

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Dynamics GP

Why Dynamics GP Has the Right Ingredients for Process Manufacturers

Like paint, chemicals, or any other formula-based product, there’s a recipe you can follow for success in process manufacturing. The main ingredient is the quality of the manufacturing process – which is why many manufacturers choose Vicinity Software – but there are plenty of other ingredients in the formula for a successful manufacturing business and…

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Process Manufacturing

Vicinity’s Process Manufacturing Software Clients – Categorized & Defined

Vicinity is Process Manufacturing Software Who are process manufacturers? Process manufacturing companies use a recipe or formula to produce their product. Often, production is made in batches and these batch sizes can vary. Loss is experienced during the production process, unlike discrete manufacturing. Typically loss can occur for a variety of reasons and vary in…

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cloud hosting

When Should You Move to Cloud Hosting? Vicinity Software’s Story…

A number of arguments can be made about transitioning to “the cloud.” I wanted to share our story on how we made our move to cloud hosting to help give some perspective on what the cloud is and why making a move to cloud hosting is an option to consider. I was trying to remember when we made…

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Darts | Accurate Reporting Builds Trust – Vicinity Software

Accurate Reporting Builds Trust

At the end of any period, it is critical to be able to measure how your business did and to have the ability to report those findings to various people, both inside and outside your organization. Accurate reporting requires a precise record of exactly what happened during a given period. Projections for future forecasts also…

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grouping production batches

Grouping Production Batches Saves on Cost Per Unit

Different manufacturing organizations use different strategies when it comes to scheduling their productions runs. One strategy that manufacturers often use is “manufacturing to order” instead of grouping production batches. Many organizations will choose this method to meet unforeseen demand. In these conditions, the placement of an individual order triggers each separate batch. It is often thought of…

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batch yields

To Batch Yield or Not to Batch Yield?

Formula manufacturers need to keep a keen eye on the batch yields they experience by formula. Aggregate batch yields easily lull you to sleep over time. A company can make or lose money quickly based on batch yields. If a company experiences high yields for some products, it is hard to see that certain products may…

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ERP Implementation

How an ERP Implementation Can Go off the Rails

There is very little that has a greater effect on a company’s success than its ERP system. That system functions as both the memory and conscience of the business and forms the backbone of every business process. Yet many companies fall prey to the same common ERP implementation errors, which may cause the project to…

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Formula Manufacturing Software

How Formula Manufacturing and Formula ERP Software Can Solve 3 Common Mistakes

We are going to talk about the three most common and critical R&D mistakes and how a formula ERP software system like Vicinity can help formula manufacturers correct them or avoid them altogether.   1. Overuse of Excel As I travel to clients and prospects, I find one of the most used R&D database tools…

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Resources for Microsoft Dynamics

7 Essential Resources for Microsoft Dynamics Customers

The great thing about Microsoft Dynamics™ is the wide variety of customer resources available to their software users. In this blog, we will discuss seven essential resources for Microsoft Dynamics that I find to be very helpful for any user no matter which product your company is currently utilizing. Whether you are on Dynamics GP,…

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