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Software Development with VicinitySoftware

We help businesses deliver personalized mobile and web solutions by building innovative web services but also mobile applications. At VicinitySoftware we work together with our clients providing creative and highly technical software solutions in accordance to our clients needs, backed by 15 years of experience in software development and Unix system administration.

We love a challenge at VicinitySoftware we think with our clients to get the most out of their ideas.

Software development with VicinitySoftware doesn’t hurt, we use a no-nonsense attitude and informal approach which the startup scene is known for. Does that mean we're any less serious about our clients? Certainly not! We love what we do at VicinitySoftware and use that passion time and time again to improve our your product.

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Latest Projects

Mads at VicinitySoftware

MADS - Inside Digital Advertising

MADS is the leading independent ad serving solution provider in Europe and a startup (how wonderful is that). We helped develop their Android solution as an SDK (Java) to be distributed to clients of MADS for ad integration inside the clients Android app. MRAID2 compliant!

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Other Projects

PukkzJS - Clientside light weight Markdown CMS library Open Source

PukkzJS is still in early stage of development. PukkzJS aims to deliver a light weight CMS based on Markdown and RESTfull communication to a simple backend. It will be faithful to the spirit of EmberJS AngularJS and KnockoutJS in their single page web application goals. Stay tuned of join in as PukkzJS is fully opensource under its MIT license. PukkzJS is one of those startup ready libaries found out why and drop us a line.

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SimplyRest - A lightweight PHP RESTful router Open Source

SimplyREST is a Lightweight PHP RESTful router, with helpers, which prefers convention over configuration. It's a single script which can be used with or a rewrite rule in Apache/Nginx or with the integrated php5+ HTTP server. It supports all HTTP methods and has helpers for generating JSON and Javascript responses and decoding JSON POST/PUT bodies. The code is well documented and comes with an example REST controller/resource which can get you up and running quickly.

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Work Experience

Co-Founder & Lead Developer - FlickFeeder (2014 - Present) Startup

FlickFeeder is a service which delivers real-time high-quality coverage of events and makes it trivial to share them on all Social Media channels for/by those involved and their followers.

Founder & Lead Developer - VicinitySoftware (2014 - Present)

VicinitySoftware aims to deliver high quality solutions and consultancy to businesses and startups. We have extensive experience in building up Startups from all angles, not only software and technical infrastructure but also project management and commercial approuches. Looking for advise? Our first consult is always free of charge.

Software Engineer - Adgoji (2012 - 2013) Startup

AdGoji specialises in mobile in-app advertising optimisation. In my time there I developed for the Android platform and implemented webservices using Clojure

Lead Developer - Libersy (2010 - 2012) Startup

Libersy Calendar is a fully featured and easy to use appointment system. Libersy Calendar allows customers to schedule an appointment with you or your employees via the Internet, even after opening hours.

In my time there I worked as Lead Developer on their Ruby on Rails webservice and their booking algorithms. Applied technologies, KnockoutJS, Rails, jQuery, SQL and general Unix system administration tasks

Rails Developer - Glubble (2008 - 2009) Startup

Glubble was an online sollution for families, a family scrabbook, a beautiful Timeline containing all family moments and a safe browsing plugin for kids. I say was as Glubble sadly didn't make it. Sometimes a wonderful product and a good idea isn't enough in the startup world.

I was mostly busy pushing out their wonderful family timeline feature using Ruby on Rails and various clientside Javascript libries and tools like jQuery, GWT and others.

Software Engineer - Royal Library (2008 - 2008)

Worked on a project which aimed to digitize multiple newspaper archives as far back to the 1800's using a combination of XSLT to tranform incomming OCR data and Java and PHP for backend and frontend respectively.

Software Engineer - Lunatech Research (2002 - 2008)

What didn't I do at Lunatech Research! 8 years is a long time, but most certainly those were good times. They had multiple in company startup initiatives Okay a small overview.

  • UPS France parcel management system, implementation and system administration
  • Different small startup like projects
  • Implementation of PHP Restfull framework PHPRest (with something as crazy as anotation for PHP!)

Software Engineer/ Systeem Engineer - And much more... (1997 - 2002)

I did much more but we're bordering on anchient history! In these years a startup could well be an ISP and you could find me there setting up web server, mail server and believe it or not even dial-in setups (oh those wonderful modem strings ATP anyone?)